Multimodal Transformation

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While transforming my research paper into a 3D visual, I decided on a laptop because people use their electronic devices on a daily basis for any and everything. Since my paper revolved around the use social media and hate speech/racism I decided that the laptop would be a perfect fit. For the multimodal transformation, my audience would be the students and staff that attended the CSW. My visual was appealing to the eye and intriguing to read once approached. I felt that this visual representation would draw people in and get them to ask questions. The visual was very interactive and informative. I included real posts from Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter of heinous individuals and their posts to flip through.

Pathos is very much included in my transformation because it’s based on how many individuals feel about other people or groups. My paper goes on to explain how hate speech and racism are protected under the first amendment so that would fall under Logos. People have many suggestions that it is not protected but others feel otherwise. My evidence of hate speech and racism on different social sites proves credibility how it is all over the internet. My visual is relevant because racism and hate speech has always been out there (said and placed upon people) but now it is spread another way (social media).

 I believe that nothing is less important in my visual because everything about my paper and turning my paper is relevant and could be useful in conversation. My project had lots of colors from the metallic tape/gift wrap to the colors of the social media logos. Images of different social media sources were used, facts and their sources were posted. The colors I chose were used to draw people into my direction. I knew that things that are shiny would catch the attention of anyone of any age. Once people approached, they were appalled by the use of words and negativity that people use social media to degrade others. I also included notepads so that people could write positive messages and place them in a box of positivity only. The decision was made on where to place everything would be from the idea of doing homework every night. While doing homework, I have so many tabs open at once for one assignment I place each tab in a new browser and place them side by side to see everything. Everything about the project, its colors, and images and purpose was on purpose. Nothing about my project was a mistake.

As said before, I chose this type of remediation to represent my paper because social media and electronics are the 25/8 trend and once introduced, you’re hooked. The person behind the screen of any electronic could say and incite anything and with that could promote anything.



We should be able to be open to others about our thoughts and freely speak on problems within a society but, what happens when it becomes emotional and aggressive? Social media allows people to take the idea of free speech too far and create chaos by degrading and disrespecting other groups, especially in a racist environment. Racism is never okay and nothing substantial is being done to cease this ignorance.  It may seem as if derogative speech finds ways to pass the First Amendment whether it’s through social media or not, most of the time it is caught but other than that it is overlooked. Hate speech is said to be protected since “no viewpoint is ever excluded from consideration” (Ring, Chapter 2, para. 12) and that any speech cannot be silenced before being heard (Ring).

About My Research

research-keyboard.jpegThe original purpose of my research was about freedom of speech and how people cross the line of boundaries. Then, as I developed my entire research I realized that I was not getting too far with just that topic alone. I decided to incorporate social media because social media is now the platform for any and all topics. My paper talked about how social media is used as a set ground for racism and how individuals with a large following could easily spread this type of negativity. My secondary sources were quite interesting because they provided actual posts of individuals inciting hate and violence on different social sites. Another source was a journal explaining what hate speech was, how it affects individuals and a community, and how it is protected.

Writing as Thinking

powerful_thinking_logo.pngAs the semester is inching closer to an end I feel very stressed, overwhelmed and extremely tired daily. Procrastination has gotten worse and doesn’t seem to get any better as the days go by. I tend to do homework at the VERY last minute and lose thought in the process of everything in which slows me down. I am stressed over school because there is so much going on and I believe I should’ve taken a year-long break. I am overwhelmed due to the fact that when I am pressured to get things done by a due date it gets done but a majority of the time I just want to curl up in a ball and forget about everything going on. I am extremely tired due to long nights until about 2am and early morning around 4am. I rarely get any sleep and I know that it is dangerous but I have to manage. Don’t even get me started on my home life. There are a lot more factors to my life and school is just 1 of tons.

Analyzing Primary Research


The process of my research went great! I found that majority of individuals that took my survey say that you always have to be careful of what you say and who you say it around. Also, the majority believe that free speech improves a community while others say it destroys. Nothing actually surprised me. I think what caught my eye is that maybe 2 or 3 people said that they didn’t care for they said and who it might affect. There were a lot of similarities between my analysis and my other sources. 3/5 of my survey questions could be turned into a graph while the other 2 would have to be quoted anonymously.